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A photographer who spends his time wandering around in real life, and virtual worlds. Takes run & gun style images, without distorting reality by using Photoshop in any way. Showing everything as-is, except some basic image enhancements such as brightness or contrast adjustments.

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To keep distractions to a minimum view images on a large screen and change to full screen so images can fill the available space - it's the right way!

Although the user interface is optimised for mobile use, the finer details are lost when viewed on small screens such as mobile phones.

Copyright - License

Real life images

    For printing, commercial or other use contact via: email

Video game images

    Every video game image belongs to their respective owners. Be it the developers and/or publishers or some other third party. I just set up and take the pictures for everyone to enjoy and to document the evolution of video game graphics throughout the years.


    Use the images on the web, with the following caveats:
    • do not alter them in any way,
    • show source with an active link without ugc or nofollow rel tag,
    • do not feed the images to the machine god (no AI training)!

Enjoy what you see?

You can feed my pug with some treats. She is timid and very conscious about her privacy so no pictures at the moment.

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